Drea Russolillo
Drea RussolilloCo-Owner & Stylist

Drea Russolillo, Co-Owner of MOTIVE Hair Group, comes from a family of Italian hairdressers and salon owners. It was only a matter of time before she opened a salon of her own. In her words, “Hair encompasses identity, it’s one of the first things we present when going out in the world as individuals. Each stylist has their own style, but most importantly we are intuitive and loving. We don’t just do this job for ourselves, we do it because we find joy by empowering others.” Drea showcases her unique style by specializing in effortless looks, shag haircuts, natural waves and curls, and the perfect face framing fringe. As a Barber she works with both long and short hair, and is a favorite of many of Austin’s long-haired local musicians. See more of her work on her instagram page at @drethings

Drea’s Pricing


  • Maintenance Haircut $95
    2 inches or less, no major changes to existing style
  • Transformation Cut/Shag $120
    Complete transformative haircut for BIG changes
    Ex: Going from long to short or shag haircut
  • Haircutting Extra Time (30min) $45
    For extra long/thick hair requiring additional time, please inform us in appointment request
  • Face Framing or Dry Maintenance Cut: $45
    Dry shaping for hair forward the ears, to reshape face framing layers or shag style, must have existing shape/shag haircut to book.
  • Barbering/Cropped Short Haircut: $65
    Extra short haircut above the ears using clippers or shears, includes hairline/neck trim if needed.
  • Bang Trim: $25
    Dry trim for bang/forehead area, does not include face framing

Color & Styling

  • Fashion Color Blocking
    Sectional color blocking incorporated into haircut and style. Hair is lifted to blonde and then tinted to desired color, requires consultation
    One Section $125
    Two Sections $180
  • Shampoo Blowdry: $65
  • Iron Work (Add On): $15
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment (Add On): $30