Shawna Parvin
Shawna ParvinOwner/Stylist & Educator
Shawna Parvin, Co-Owner of MOTIVE Hair Group, has been a respected influencer in the beauty industry for 20+ years. She works both behind the chair and serves as an educator worldwide for Goldwell USA. An honored NAHA (North American Hairstylist Award) recipient for texture and one of the finalists for NAHA Hairstylist of the year. Shawna has been a personal stylist to celebrities and artists such as Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, Lucinda Williams, Zoey Deschanel, and many more. Voted Best Short Hair Cutter in Austin by Austin Monthly, Shawna dedicates herself to cutting edge artistry and beauty with a signature style that permeates through all of her work; in the salon and on the stage.


  • New Client Haircut
    For all new clients with hair length pixie cut and longer additional time allows for thorough consultation
  • Maintenance Haircut Maintenance haircut for existing clients with bob styles or shoulder length and below. No major changes to existing style
  • Short Maintenance Haircut
    Maintenance Haircut For existing clients with pixie cut or longer length shorter styles. No major changes to existing style
  • Barbering/ Cropped Short Haircut
    Haircut for extra short hair above the ears using clippers/ includes hairline/neck trim if needed.
  • Transformation Cut:
    Complete transformative haircut for new and existing clients; BIG changes (going from long to short). Service allows for extra time.

Color Services

  • Not accepting new color clients, please contact us for a referral to one of our color specialists!
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